Policies & Procedures

As part of the application process, applicants (candidates) are required to READ and acknowledge that they understand and assent to adhere to the following WREB Policies and Procedures:

Application Policies & Procedures

Application Process Overview

Candidates must first apply online for the exam site where they wish to take their clinical exam. They will pay the full exam fee, which is listed on the Dental Exam Dates and Fees schedule. The fee includes enrollment in the Comprehensive Treatment Planning (CTP) computer exam which is given at a Prometric testing facility.

The initial exam fee is applicable on or before the Application Deadline. Anyone applying after that deadline will pay a $500 late fee, even if the candidate is listed on a school’s student hold list.

Each host school reserves a certain number of spaces for their students until the specified date (Student Hold Deadline); however the late fee will be incurred for all applications after the Application Deadline.

Once enrolled, candidates will receive an email with information to register for the CTP exam. The email will provide a specific time frame in which to take the computer exam. WREB encourages candidates to call as soon as they receive their information since Prometric has limited appointments. Candidates may not get their preferred day and time if they wait too long.

NOTE:  Proof of qualification does not have to be provided prior to enrolling or to take the CTP exam. The Certification for Graduating Seniors or other Proof of Qualification for the exam is due on or before the Final Deadline.

Online Application Process

Candidates need a valid credit or debit card (Visa/MasterCard) and a digital .JPG photo at the time of application. The photo becomes an official component of the Candidate Profile at WREB and will be included on the Candidate ID badge for the exam, on score reports to schools and state licensing boards.

Applicant names must appear as it does on the state issued identification. It is your responsibility to make sure the ID and name registered with WREB match exactly.

A Social Security Number is required during registration. If you do not have a Social Security Number, you may use another unique number. Do not enter all zeroes or your application will be incomplete. Please use a number you will remember as it will be required to complete your application. You may use one of the following forms of ID:

  • Tax Identification Number
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Canadian Social Insurance Number

Applying online is the first step in the application process; however, does not guarantee a space in the exam. Applications remain in a “pending” status until the submitted information is reviewed and space availability is verified by a WREB dental coordinator assigned to the exam. Candidates will receive an email, usually within two (2) business days, notifying them of status.

Exam sites have individual operatory limitations. When the maximum number of applicants has been reached for that site, the exam is automatically assigned a “wait-list status” (see below). Candidates are encouraged to apply early for the exam of their choice. Candidates will be notified by email of their application status a) whether they have been “enrolled” or b) if the exam is full, the Candidate will be placed on the “wait-list” for that exam.

Applications are processed on a space-available basis. If space is not available at the time of application, candidates will be given an opportunity to be placed on the wait-list, transferred to another open exam, or to have the fee refunded. (Please see the Wait-List section below.) Although the Clinical portion of the exam may be on a “Wait List” status, you can be enrolled in the CTP section and receive your eligibility authorization to take the computer portion of the exam. We encourage you to take the CTP section since CTP results are valid to combine with any WREB clinical exam.

Proof of qualification to take the clinical exam must be submitted to WREB by the final deadline date, or candidates will be cancelled from the exam and no refund will be given. The final deadline date means the exam is officially closed and no further applications will be accepted.

An application is considered a contract with WREB, and is subject to the cancellation policy once submitted. Candidates who fail to fulfill all requirements of the application, or are unable to take the exam, are subject to the Refunds and Cancellations Policy. Do not apply for an exam if you are unable to attend all the exam days. Specific scheduling assignments will not be considered.

Candidates with specific or religious restrictions for certain days should choose an exam that meets those restrictions.

Exam Fees

Candidates registering to take the dental exam for the first time will be enrolled in both the clinical and CTP computer exam.

Full Exam
$2195 WREB fee, plus a school use fee which varies by site. See exam schedule for total amounts.
The full exam fee includes both clinical and CTP computer exams.


WREB is a non-profit organization. Fees from the exams support the mission of WREB. WREB’s base fee listed above covers expenses for the full clinical and computer based CTP dental exam. The exam fee listed in the exam schedule also includes a school use fee assessed by the dental school to cover the school’s expenses. Schools marked by an asterisk will charge an additional amount for non-students to be collected directly by the school later. The fees will be listed in the School Information documents posted on the website.

Operative $1,380
Endodontics $800
Periodontal $950
CTP $280
Full Clinical
(Oper, Endo, Perio)
$1915 (WREB fee plus applicable school fee)


 Late Applications

If applying after the application deadline, a $500 late fee will apply. This will be included in the total exam fee and included in the credit card payment.

Proof of Qualification

Proof of qualification is required to be eligible to take the WREB exam. Candidates may be enrolled in an exam prior to providing this document; however, the proof of qualification must be received in the WREB office by the final deadline date. Candidates who do not provide the proof of qualification by this date will be cancelled from the exam and no refund will be given. An email notice of clinical schedules will be emailed approximately four weeks prior to the first day of the exam. Candidates will receive their schedules only after proof of qualification is received.

The appropriate document must be submitted in English. Choose one of the following documents to be submitted:

  • A photocopy of candidate diploma showing a DDS or DMD degree from an ADA accredited dental school. If not printed in English, an official translation is required. Diplomas in Latin must be translated. Post graduate certificates are not acceptable.
  • An original letter on school letterhead from an ADA accredited dental school stating that candidate received a DDS or DMD from that school. The letter must include the date the DDS or DMD was earned.
  • A photocopy of candidate’s official transcript from an ADA accredited dental school listing a DDS or DMD and the date earned.Unofficial copies are not acceptable.
  • If candidate is a foreign-trained graduate or a graduate of a non-accredited dental school, the state board where the candidate is seeking licensure must provide an original letter. The letter must have the state seal affixed, and must verify that the candidate is eligible to take the WREB exam. See our List of States Accepting WREB for state board contact information.
  • If candidate is a senior dental student in their final semester (does not apply to post-graduate studies), they can provide a completed Certification for Graduating Seniors Form. The form must be an original signed by the school dean with the school seal affixed and mailed to WREB.

NOTE: WREB is a testing agency. We do not handle licensing. Proof of graduation must be provided to individual states in order for a candidate to receive a license. Some state boards may have more stringent requirements. Candidates should contact the state board where they wish to practice to obtain specific licensure requirements.


Candidates may apply for an exam that is listed on a wait-list status. WREB staff will process all applications in the order in which they were received by time and date. An email will be sent to candidates notifying them of their status. Candidates will have 48 hours to respond with their choice of three options:

  1. Remain on the wait-list. The cancellation policy does not apply as long as a candidate remains on the wait-list.
  2. Transfer to another exam. Candidates may elect to transfer to an available WREB exam. The exam fee will be what the candidate has already paid. If the other exam has a higher fee, they will not be charged the additional amount. If the exam fee is less, the candidate will not be refunded the difference.
  3. Cancel their application and receive a full refund.

If a candidate elects to remain on the wait-list, they will remain there until a space opens up or until the final deadline date, whichever occurs first. Anyone remaining on the wait-list on that day will be processed to receive a full refund. Candidates are sent an email to determine if they would like to be enrolled, or to remain on the wait-list, or receive a full refund. This may occur when a candidate is applying for two exams and waiting for their preference.


If more than one section of the clinical exam is failed, the entire clinical exam must be retaken. Failure of one section allows the opportunity to retake just the failed section, within twelve months of the clinical exam. All sections of the exam, (clinical and computer), must be passed within twelve months of the last day of the clinical exam.

Candidates may apply for re-examination by following the same application process described above. Personal information and photos remain part of the candidate’s profile.  However, if personal information has changed, candidates must email dentalinfo@wreb.org with the corrected information. Candidate photos will only be valid for the calendar year in which they were uploaded. A new proof of qualification may also be required. It is important to notify WREB in writing (email) of any change in email or mailing address.

If any section is failed three times, remediation must be completed before the exam may be retaken a fourth time. The remediation hours will be calculated and emailed to the candidate. Once remediation is completed and approved by the WREB office, the entire clinical exam must be retaken.

NOTE: State Board restrictions may apply if a candidate has failed an exam two or more times. Contact the state dental board in the state where the candidate plans to practice for requirements.

Persons with Disabilities

WREB makes every reasonable effort to offer the exam in a manner accessible to persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Candidates who require special accommodations due to a disability should contact the WREB office before or immediately after applying online. A Special Accommodations Information and Request Form must be completed. The appropriate professional (physician, psychologist, etc.) must sign the form specifying the accommodation requested and attesting to the specific need.

Candidates whose patients have special needs or facility needs due to wheelchairs, etc. should notify WREB at the time of application. Patients in wheelchairs must be able to move from wheelchairs to the examining chairs. Patient accommodations will vary from site to site, so individual special requests cannot possibly be guaranteed.

Left-Hand Operatory

Candidates who prefer a left-hand operatory should indicate this when applying online. If the school has left-hand operatories available, WREB does its best to accommodate the request, but cannot guarantee availability of left-hand operatories.

Exam Procedures & Patient Requirements

The WREB Dental Exam consists of a clinical exam and a computer (CTP) exam. Passing the dental exam requires successful completion of each of the sections described below. Detailed information and instructions for all procedures are in the applicable Candidate Guide. Once your application is processed, you will be mailed copies of the CTP candidate guide and a copy of the clinical portion candidate guide will be mailed about six weeks prior to the clinical exam. Both guides can also be downloaded online.

WREB candidates come from a large geographical area and a diverse educational background; WREB does not look for any one standard for procedures. Grading examiners score according to the criteria found in the Candidate Guide. Reading and understanding the scoring criteria will assist you in successfully completing the procedures.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning (CTP) Exam

The Comprehensive Treatment Planning (CTP) examination is a computer-based examination administered by Prometric testing centers. The exam consists of three (3) patient cases of varying complexity, one of which is a pediatric patient. For each case, Candidates assess patient history, photographs, radiographs, and clinical information, create and submit a treatment plan, and then answer questions or perform tasks related to each case. Candidates are allowed three (3) hours to complete the CTP exam. A 15 minute tutorial is provided prior to the beginning of the examination.

Once enrolled in an exam, you will receive information regarding scheduling the CTP exam. This exam will be taken at a Pearson VUE testing center. You will have approximately a 45-60 day time frame to take the exam.

Clinical Exam

The clinical exam consists of two Operative and one Periodontal treatment on live patients, plus an Endodontic treatment exam on extracted teeth.

The schedule consists of one Orientation Day and two and a half Clinic Days.

Orientation Day – Endodontic model collection, School Tour, Candidate Orientation question and answer period, and Candidate packet distribution.
Clinic Day 1 – First full clinic day
Clinic Day 2 – Second full clinic day
Clinic Day 3 – 1/2 clinic day the exam ends at 11:00 a.m.

The exam begins with Orientation Day, the first day listed in the Dental Exam Locations, Dates, & Fees. Do not apply for the exam if you are unable to attend all the exam days. Scheduling modifications cannot be arranged.

The Loma Linda exams are scheduled for five days, beginning with Orientation Day on a Friday. The second day (Saturday) has no exam activities. Candidates with religious restrictions on Saturdays should consider enrolling in one of the Loma Linda exams.


The Operative procedures may be completed any time that you are not scheduled for the Endodontic exam during the 2½ clinic days. You will provide patients and complete two different restorative procedures, one of which must be a Posterior Composite. The second procedure can be one of the following four:

  • Direct Restoration Posterior Class II Amalgam
  • Direct Restoration Posterior Class II Composite
  • Direct Restoration Anterior Class III Composite
  • Indirect Restoration Posterior Class II Cast Gold

Two Posterior Composites restorations are acceptable. An indirect class II posterior composite will not be allowed.

Patients will be submitted for approval, a preparation grade and a finish grade.


The Periodontal Treatment procedure may be completed any time that you are not scheduled for the Endodontic exam during the 2½ clinical days. A patient is submitted for approval, then scaling and root planing of one (1) or two (2) quadrants is performed and then the patient is submitted for grading.


The Endodontic exam is a four (4) hour timed exam. You will be allowed in the lab 30 minutes before the exam time to set up your station and receive the Floor Examiner set up check to start access and treatment. The exam consists of endodontic treatment on two (2) extracted teeth: one (1) anterior tooth and one (1) multi-canal posterior tooth. The teeth will be mounted in arches and treatment will be done with the arches mounted in a mannequin.

The Endodontic exam is the only section of the clinical exam that is scheduled at a specific time. You will receive an email approximately four weeks prior to the first day of the exam notifying you that your Candidate ID number and the Dental Exam Schedule have been posted. You will need your login information to access the information. Your schedule will only be posted if your proof of qualification has been received. Schedules will not be given out over the phone. Scheduling requests will not be considered.

Patient Selection

Patient selection is an important factor in the clinical exam. You must provide a Patient or Patients for the Operative and Periodontal Treatment procedures.

The following criteria apply to all Patients for the clinical exam:

  • The minimum Patient age for the Periodontal Treatment procedure is 18 years. There is no minimum age for Operative procedures.
  • Patients cannot have completed more than two years of dental school.

Patient selection is your responsibility. WREB staff, the Boards of Dentistry of participating states, and dental schools are not able to supply Patients. You are graded on your ability to accurately determine and effectively interpret Patient qualification criteria. This is an integral part of the examination. Therefore, other professionals should not “prequalify” your Patient for the examination.

Dental Assistants

Dental chair-side assistants may be used during clinical procedures. Dental assistants may perform any duties, which are legally acceptable in the state where the exam is given, except graded procedures. Please see the Dental Exam Candidate Guide for detailed assistant requirements.


Candidates must furnish all instruments and equipment, including high and low-speed hand pieces. Equipment may be available to rent at some exam sites. Certain expendable materials are furnished to candidates. Details are covered in the Exam Site Information.

Malpractice Insurance

CNA Insurance Company, through the Professional Protector Plan in cooperation with WREB, will extend WREB professional liability coverage with the limit amounts of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 for the patient-based portion of the dental exam at no charge to the candidate. WREB will forward the names and addresses of all candidates to CNA.

Identification at Exam

Candidates MUST present acceptable and valid identification (ID), as described below, in order to be admitted to the WREB Dental exam.

NOTE: If you have questions about the following identification requirements, you should contact WREB Dental Department BEFORE applying for the exam.

You must provide a personal photo during the exam registration process. This becomes a component of your individual Candidate Profile at WREB and will be included on all score reports to schools and state licensing boards. Your profile photo is used to create an individual Candidate ID badge for the exam. This profile photo and the identification verification document will be validated at the exam by the WREB Site or Auxiliary Coordinator to verify the identity of the candidate. Identification must be verified prior to admittance to any WREB clinical examination.

At the exam, you shall appear in person and provide two (2) valid, non-expired forms of identification, one of which must be primary and one may be secondary.

Primary ID must have your photo and your signature. Acceptable forms of primary ID are:

  • Government-issued driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Alien registration card
  • Government-issued ID
  • Employee ID
  • School ID (must have either an expiration date – and be current or have a current date of school year)

Secondary ID must have your name and signature. Acceptable forms of secondary ID are:

  • Social Security card
  • Bank credit card
  • Bank ATM card
  • Library card

Make sure your ID’s are current and indicate the same name that you submitted to the WREB Office. This is very important for allowing you admittance to the examination.

At any time during the exam, you may be asked and should be prepared to present the “Acceptable Document” and Candidate ID badge to a School Coordinator, Site Coordinator, Auxiliary Coordinator, or Floor Examiner. Admittance to the exam does not imply that the identification you presented was valid. If it is determined that your ID was fraudulent or otherwise invalid, WREB will report to the appropriate governing agencies or board any candidate or other individual who has misreported information or altered documentation in order to fraudulently attempt an exam. You are subject to dismissal from the clinical exam.

Refunds & Cancellations

2017 Dental Examination Cancellation Schedule

A cancellation notice must be made in writing to dentalinfo@wreb.org. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that a cancellation notice is received in the WREB office by the appropriate deadline date as outlined below. Once an applicant has submitted an application, the following refunds and cancellation policies apply.

A written cancellation received in the WREB office:

  • Six weeks before the first day of the clinical exam receives a full refund, minus a $250 processing fee per exam.
  • Within six weeks of the first day of the clinical exam, and before the final deadline date receives a 50% refund.
  • After the Final Deadline receives no refund.

*If candidate has taken the CTP exam, an additional $280.00 fee will be withheld from the refund amount.

Important: If the required proof of qualification is not in the WREB office by the final deadline date, you forfeit your place in the exam and receive no refund.

Computerized Exams

  • For cancellation and/or rescheduling CTP appointments, candidates must refer to Prometric’s cancellation policy. https://www.prometric.com/wreb
  • Approved timeframe extensions: If a candidate fails to take the CTP exam within the designated timeframe and an extension is approved by WREB, a $100.00 fee will be incurred.

Medical Emergency Cancellation Policy

Exceptions may be made only in the case of a documented medical emergency occurring after the final deadline. In such cases, 50 percent of the exam fee may be transferred to a future exam within the next 12 months upon receipt of appropriate documentation of the medical emergency and approval by the WREB Board of Directors.

Documentation of the medical emergency must be received within 30 days of the emergency occurring or a transfer of funds will not be considered.

In the case of a medical emergency occurring after the final deadline, a compromise policy has been adopted. Both WREB and the candidate will incur a financial loss, but neither will have to bear 100 percent of the loss. The candidate must submit documentation (depending on the emergency) in one of the following ways: (a) a letter from the treating physician (typed on the physician’s letterhead stationery and mailed directly from the treating physician to WREB, attesting to the specific medical condition which results in the inability of the candidate to attend the exam); or (b) records from the emergency room; or (c) a copy of the death certificate of an immediate family member.

This documentation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the WREB Board of Directors. If it is determined the documentation warrants an exception to the published cancellation policy, WREB will transfer 50 percent of the exam fee to a new exam scheduled within twelve months of the cancelled exam. No refunds or complete transfers to another exam will be considered.

Special Accommodations

​WREB, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, will provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations for candidates with documented disabilities.

Candidates with disabilities who require accommodations while taking the WREB exam may apply to WREB for consideration of the accommodations by submitting the Special Accommodations Request Form no later than 45 days prior to the exam.

Appeals Process


WREB has two Appeals Committees, one for Dental Appeals and one for Dental Hygiene Appeals (individually a “Committee” and collectively the “Committees”).  Members of each Committee are appointed by the President. Each Committee has two Co-Chairs. For the Dental Appeals Committee, six dental examiners (one of whom will be the current Treasurer of the Board of Directors and one will be the President-Elect) are appointed to review dental appeals.  For the Dental Hygiene Appeals Committee, four dental hygiene examiners are appointed to review dental hygiene appeals. The appointments to both Committees are rotating four year terms.  Members of the Committees must be current WREB Examiners.


The Committees develop policies and procedures that provide anonymous, impartial, and timely examination appeal procedures. The Committees are charged with the responsibility of providing an appeals process to WREB candidates who have (i) failed any of the Clinical Examinations, (ii) received a reduction in an exam score, (iii) engaged in any Improper Performance (as defined in the Candidate Guide), (iv) engaged in any Unethical Conduct (as defined in the Candidate Guide), or (v) any other event or irregularity that occurred at an exam. If any of the above has occurred, the Candidate may file an appeal with WREB. For Improper Performance or Unethical Conduct, exam results will be withheld pending results of the appeal. If a candidate fails an exam or is dismissed from an exam due to Improper Performance or Unethical Conduct, then the candidate must seek permission from the WREB Board of Directors prior to retaking the exam. See the Candidate Guide for other consequences of engaging in Improper Performance or Unethical Conduct.


Two members of the applicable Committee are assigned to each appeal. They review the appeal sequentially and independently, and document their findings by letter to the assigned Committee Co-Chair. The Co-Chair reviews and summarizes the responses of the committee members to make sure that the appeals procedure has been followed and notifies the candidate, through the WREB office, the results of the appeal.  The Co-Chair may request additional reviewers be assigned to the appeal, and continue the investigation if further information is deemed necessary to reach an anonymous, impartial, and timely conclusion before notifying the candidate, through the WREB office, of the results.


The following action will be taken when a candidate elects to file an appeal:

  1. The candidate will be notified of the exam results as soon as possible following the examination (except for candidates that have engaged in Improper Performance or Unethical Conduct, in which case their exam results are withheld pending the results of the appeal). If the candidate fails the exam or was dismissed from the exam for any reason, a standardized report summarizing his or her performance in all areas of the examination will be sent with the notification of failure or reason for dismissal. After review of the report, the candidate may request an appeal form and file a formal appeal.
  2. If the candidate elects to appeal, the appeal must be completed on the forms supplied and received in the WREB office no later than 45 days after examination results are posted online. This 45 day deadline may not be extended, and late appeals will automatically be rejected. The appeal must be typed or legibly printed. Utilizing a narrative format, the appeal must include all specific and factual information needed to support the appeal. Radiographs, photographs or models taken by the candidate of a patient during or after completion of the examination cannot be considered in the appeals process. Consideration can only be given to documents, radiographs, etc., that were submitted to the examiners during the examination.
  3. Upon receipt of a timely and properly filed appeal that complies with the requirements of “B” above, WREB will assign an appeal number to the appeal. To maintain anonymity, the face sheet containing information identifying the candidate will be removed. The appeal will be duplicated and the original face sheet will be attached to the duplicate appeal. The appeal, along with the candidate’s exam documents, will then be forwarded to two members of the Committee. Any appeals member who was a grading examiner at the contested examination will be prohibited from reviewing the appeal. When necessary, the WREB office will remove any candidate information which jeopardizes anonymity, and/or any other documentation which is not subject to the appeals process. This appeals packet will contain a tracking form (the “Tracking Form”) to document the date the appeal is received by the committee members. The packet also contains the candidate’s original appeal form; the clinical and patient forms, records and radiographs; grading records, copies of any forms issued during the exam (Instructions to Candidate, Patient Check-In, Late Penalty, etc.); all pertinent WREB clinical forms addressing the nature of the complaint; and a copy of the Candidate Performance Report summarizing candidate performance, which was previously sent to the appealing candidate. The packet may also contain any supporting materials the candidate sends excepting those listed in Paragraph B above (i.e. – radiographs, photographs or models taken by the candidate of a patient during or after completion of the examination cannot be considered in the appeals process).
  4. No materials from previous or subsequent exams or appeals of the candidate will be included or referred to in the appeal.
  5. The investigation by each Committee member must include a review of all documentation concerning the examination results, and the performance of the appealing candidate. It may include such additional investigation as determined by the Committee members or deemed warranted by the circumstances of the appeal.
  6. Upon completion of the review of the candidate’s file and making any necessary interviews and investigations, each Committee member will set out the following elements of review in a letter addressed to the Chair of the Committee. The letter must be formatted to include:
    • Statements summarizing each element of the appeal submitted by the candidate in each procedure being appealed.
    • Facts which the committee member finds in reviewing each element of the candidate’s appeal, and the contents of the file. It will also include facts obtained in any interviews, in the review of WREB procedures, or contained in the Candidate Guide.
    • Conclusions of the validity of those claims regarding any failure of WREB, or its agents, to follow the procedures of the exam as set forth and adopted by the WREB Board. The Committee member must specifically state whether the candidate’s appeal is either upheld or denied.This letter will be detailed, specific, and should address each aspect of the appeal, including the final decision on whether the appeal is upheld or denied. It will be placed in a sealed envelope containing the appeal number on its face and mailed with the contents of the appeal packet to the next member assigned to review the appeal, as designated on the tracking form provided. The committee member will remove, date and sign the copy of the Tracking Form indicating that he or she has completed the review of the appeal, and the Tracking Form will be forwarded to the WREB office. The appeal packet containing all review documents and the sealed letter will be forwarded to the next Committee member. All reviews must be completed in a timely manner and forwarded, as soon as possible, to the next Committee member.
  7. At the completion of the second review, the appeal packet containing all information, and two sealed letters, will be forwarded to the assigned Co-chair of the Committee. If the Co-chair finds that a majority opinion exists, he or she will draft a letter with the results of the appeal process. The letter must be detailed, specific and address each aspect of the appeal. The co-chair will then mail or fax the letter to WREB, where it will be addressed to the candidate, and sent to the Candidate’s email on file.If the Co-Chair finds that the sealed responses result in a tie vote as to the action recommended, he or she will review all the information contained in the appeal packet. The Co-Chair will document his or her findings in a letter, and will become a third reviewer of the appeal. The Co-Chair will create a majority opinion, draft a letter notifying the anonymous candidate of the decision of the committee. This letter will be mailed or faxed to the WREB office where it will be addressed to the candidate, and sent to the Candidates email on file.In review of the appeal, the Co-Chair must make sure that all reviewers have identified the relevant issues or questions raised in the appeal. If the Co-Chair finds that a reviewer has failed to identify an issue(s), misidentified an issue(s), or has based his or her decision on peripheral or unrelated issues, that opinion will be eliminated from consideration. The Co-Chair will provide a memo noting the reason(s) for removing the reviewer from the appeal process as part of the appeal packet.The Co-Chair may then return the packet to the reviewer to rewrite his or her letter according to the specified format, or may forward the packet to the WREB office and request that the appeal be sent to another committee member for review.


The only basis for granting a favorable finding to a candidate’s appeal is if the Committee determines that:

  1. Clerical errors were made by WREB administrative staff, examiners, or support personnel, which, if corrected, would change the grade to a passing score.
  2. Technical error(s) were made by an examiner which would change the grade to a passing score (i.e. – not following WREB procedures or criteria).
  3. Significant, uncompensated time loss occurred as a result of equipment or facility breakdowns during those unscheduled sections of the examinations which do not allow the candidate to complete procedures to the required end of day check-out stage. The time loss must have been reported and documented by a Floor Examiner during the exam.
  4. Significant, uncompensated time loss occurred during timed segments of the examination. The time loss must have been documented during the exam. The determination of time loss compensation must be made by a Floor Examiner or other designated WREB personnel on site. The WREB official clock will be used to determine time loss questions.
  5. The candidate did not engage in Improper Performance.
  6. The candidate did not engage in Unethical Conduct.

The following criteria will not be considered in the appeal process:

  1. It is neither consistent nor reasonable to suppose that examiners can accurately and objectively better judge matters after an examination has ended than they did during the examination. It is impossible for an examiner to change a grade in any meaningful way. Exam scores cannot and will not be altered by the Committee unless there is determined to be a technical error, not a perceived judgment error. The Committee is obligated to base its judgment of technical errors upon its knowledge of the examination, the calibration process used by WREB, and upon evidence presented by the appealing candidate in a systematic, consistent, reliable and rational manner.
  2. Appeals based upon patient behavior, tardiness, or failure to appear will not be considered. WREB does not provide patients, and is not responsible for this aspect of the examination. Problems requiring follow-up care are the responsibility of the candidate and are approved by the patient and candidate before the examination begins.
  3. WREB contracts with the host institution to include certain minimal materials, support personnel to dispense these materials, support personnel to maintain and repair equipment in working condition within a reasonable amount of time. Appeals based upon failure of the host institution will only be considered in instances when a floor examiner was made aware of the problem when it occurred at the examination, and not “after-the-fact” or at the completion of the examination.
  4. Appeals based upon dental laboratory failure to perform will not be considered. WREB neither requires nor provides commercial laboratory services. It does not endorse any commercial laboratory. It does collect the user fee on behalf of the candidate charged by the institution hosting the examination. That fee includes candidate access to the institution’s student laboratories and the equipment contained in the laboratory during the hours it has contracted to remain open while the examination is in process.


The following policies will be in effect for all candidates, Committee members, WREB Board members, the WREB Chief Executive Officer, and WREB staff, in the review process.

  1. The Committee will make every effort possible to complete the appeal process within 90 days of the receipt of the appeal by WREB. When extended investigation becomes necessary, WREB will inform the candidate by letter of this extended investigation.
  2. In many cases, WREB cannot process, evaluate, and make final decisions on appeals prior to the next examination. In cases where a candidate successfully completes another examination while his or her appeal is being evaluated, that appeal will be automatically dropped. If a subsequent examination is failed, the appeal process will continue to completion and a decision rendered without the Committee’s knowledge of the candidate’s performance on that examination.
  3. Exam application fees will be refunded in full in the event a candidate has made payment for a subsequent examination and a favorable appeal is granted before that examination is taken.
  4. Appeal fees will be refunded in full in the event the appeal is upheld.  This is the only situation that allows a refund.  In all other cases there is no refund, including an appeal that is dropped when a subsequent exam is passed.
  5. WREB will maintain a log of all appeals and take appropriate action to bring them to a timely completion.
  6. WREB will provide all members of the Committee with a meaningful summary of statistics regarding the appeal process annually. This summary will become a part of the Committee’s annual report to the WREB Board of Directors.
  7. Once finalized, the appeal will become a permanent part of the candidate’s file maintained in the WREB administrative office.
  8. The Appeals process is the final review authority. If an appeal is denied for any reason, there is no further review process available.

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