Dental Exam Fees

Dental Fees WREB Fee School Use Fee Payable to WREB
Full Exam (Op, Endo, Perio, Prosth, & CTP) $2,560 Varies by Site $2,560 + School Use Fee
Retakes WREB Fee School Use Fee Payable to WREB
Operative (Patient or Simulated) $1,000 $330 $1,330
Endodontics $1,000 $150 $1,150
Periodontal (Patient or Simulated) $1,000 $150 $1,150
Prosthodontic $1,000 $150 $1,150
More than one Clinical Section (w/out CTP) $2,000 + School Use Fee
CTP Retake $500 n/a $500

*WREB is a non-profit organization. The WREB fee covers expenses for development and administration of the exam. The school use fee is assessed by the host dental school to cover the school’s expenses. This fee varies by site. See Exam Schedule for the total amount due for each site.

**The WREB Fee listed also includes onsite retakes for Endo, Perio (patient and simulation), Operative (simulation only), and Prosth at the same exam site. An additional fee will not be charged for an onsite retake for any of these sections.