Dental Exam Schedules

If an exam shows availability after the application deadline date, candidates may still apply but will be charged a $500 late fee. Late applications are processed on a space-available basis. No applications will be accepted after the Final Deadline.

*Please note the exam format (manikin and/or patient) offered at each exam site is subject to change due to the uncertainties surrounding Covid-19. Candidates are responsible for checking with State Boards for updates on licensing requirements and formats accepted.

Times listed are in the Phoenix, Arizona time zone.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you are agreeing to Western Regional Examining Board policies, procedures, and limitation of liability. Detailed policies and procedures can be found on the Application Policies & Procedures page. These policies and procedures include Exam Procedures, Patient Requirements, and the Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Dental Candidate Limitation of Liability Agreement

WREB Examinations

Western Regional Examining Board, an Arizona non-profit corporation (“WREB”), is a national dental and dental hygiene testing agency that administers examinations that test candidates’ clinical skills.
No Affiliation with Schools

The WREB examinations are typically administered at various dental schools and universities (individually, a “School” and collectively, the “Schools”) around the country. Other than administering an examination at a School, WREB has no relationship or affiliation with any of the Schools. The relationship between WREB, the School, and you is strictly a contractual one and not an employer/ employee relationship.
Volunteer Patients and Dental Assistants

As part of the examinations, you must perform certain types of clinical procedures on volunteer patients. You are permitted to use your own dental assistants during the examinations, however, you are required to supply both the volunteer patient(s) and a dental assistant, if any, at your own expense.

Limitation of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity

  • WREB (including its examiners) and the Schools cannot, and therefore, do not assume any responsibility or liability for the health or dental care of you, your assistant or your patient. If any exposure or other injury occurs during the course of the exam, neither WREB (including its examiners) nor the School assumes any duty or responsibility to you, your assistant or your patient for any health care service, including, but not limited to, serologic testing, counseling, or follow-up care. It is your responsibility to assure that any individual involved sees a licensed health care professional and initiates appropriate management and follow-up care.
  • You hereby expressly agree to assume the risk for any damages you, your patient, or your assistant may suffer due to (1) exposure to blood borne infectious agents such as HIV, HBV, and other microorganisms in the blood, (2) exposure to oral or respiratory secretions, or (3) other injuries occurring during the WREB examination. You agree to indemnify WREB (including its examiners) against and hold WREB (including its examiners) harmless from any and all losses, claims, demands, damages, assessments, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) of every kind, nature or description resulting from, arising out of or relating to the health care, status, or condition of you, your assistant, or your patient before, during, or after the examination.


If the administration of the exam is prevented or delayed by any cause or causes beyond the reasonable control of WREB, including, but not limited to: power outage at the Schools; acts of nature; acts of criminals or public enemy; war; riot; official or unofficial acts; inability to secure materials; restrictive governmental orders, regulations or laws; third-party labor disputes or strikes; or any other cause not the fault of WREB (collectively referred to as “Events”), then you acknowledge and agree that WREB will not be responsible or liable for any delay, cost, expense, or inconvenience caused as a result of an Event.

I hereby state that I have read and understand this Disclosure, Limitation of Liability and Indemnity Agreement and agree to its terms. I also acknowledge that I will be notified at the email listed when exam results are posted to my online account.

Radiograph Affidavit

I certify that the radiographs submitted by me for the operative, endodontic, and periodontal sections of this examination are original, unaltered films. I am aware that submission of altered radiographs, which do not demonstrate the actual condition of the patient, is unethical conduct and will result in failure of the examination for unethical conduct.


Any dispute, controversy or claim (including without limitation tort claims, requests for provisional remedies or other interim relief, and issues as to arbitrability of any matter) arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, that cannot be settled through negotiation shall be settled (a) first, by the parties trying in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation under the Commercial Mediation Rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) (such mediation session to be held in Phoenix, Arizona and to commence within 15 days of the appointment of the mediator by the AAA), and (b) if the dispute, controversy or claim cannot be settled by mediation, then by arbitration administered by the AAA under its Commercial Arbitration Rules (such arbitration to be held in Phoenix, Arizona before a single arbitrator and to commence within 15 days of the appointment of the arbitrator by the AAA), and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Before proceeding to Mediation/Arbitration, you agree that you must first exhaust all administrative remedies with WREB, including but not limited to, any appeal rights available.

WREB Policy Agreement

“I understand and agree to adhere to the policies of WREB, including the policies regarding refunds and cancellations. I understand that this application serves as a contract with WREB and will be processed as an enrolled status if space is available. I also understand that it is my responsibility to read all exam materials sent to me, including the Dental Candidate Guide. I hereby give WREB permission to release my exam scores to my school, if I am a graduating senior. Results for all sections attempted, (core or elective), (pass or fail), will be reported to state boards. This includes onsite retake attempts. I certify I am the person referred to in this application; the supporting documents are legitimate, unaltered copies; the pictures submitted are a true likeness of me, and all information provided in this application is true and correct. I also understand that if I am not a student of the school where I am taking my exam, my contact information may be released to the host school for exam related purposes.”

After you click Accept, your credit card will be charged. DO NOT use the BACK button, DO NOT REFRESH the screen and/or DO NOT CLOSE the browser. THIS MAY RESULT IN MULTIPLE CHARGES TO YOUR CREDIT CARD.

If you receive an error, please call the WREB office 623-209-5400, and ask for technical support.

By opting out of the Periodontics section, you are acknowledging that it is NOT a requirement for licensure in your desired state. The cost of this section is included in the fee listed above and no fees will be refunded as a result of opting out.

By opting into the Prosthodontics section, you are acknowledging that it is a requirement for licensure in your desired state.

The Periodontal section is required for licensure by some state boards. By opting out of the Periodontal section, you are acknowledging that it is not required for the state you are planning to practice in. This may affect your ability to obtain licensure in certain states. It is your responsibility to understand what is required in the state where you seek licensure. The fee you are paying for the WREB exam includes the Periodontal section; by choosing to not take it, you will not be refunded fees for this section and if you choose to take it at a later date, you will be charged to take the Periodontal section.

Click ‘Accept’ to acknowledge that you have read and accept the Periodontic Opt Out.

We were unable to locate any available exams at this time.

Please contact the WREB office if you have any questions.