Application Requirements

Prior to starting the online application process, you will need to have the following accessible:

Credit card

WREB accepts Visa or Master Card only. You should verify that you have sufficient credit available to cover the entire exam fee. Multiple credit cards cannot be used. You will also need the billing address for the credit card.

Your digital photo on file for uploading.

This photo will be used for your identification badge at the exam so it should present you in a professional manner. The photo must be a recent (taken within six months), passport quality, head and shoulders picture of you. When taking the picture, it is recommended that you stand in front of a solid, light-colored background. Pictures that are unacceptable include indistinct pictures, group pictures, full body pictures and pictures that are too close, failing to show the candidate’s head and shoulders. Pictures showing any school affiliation will be rejected.

Your Social Security number (no dashes or spaces).

If you do not have a social security number, any nine digit number that is specific to you can be used in place of a social security number. Do NOT enter all zeroes (000000000) or your application will be incomplete. The following numbers are acceptable:

Tax I.D.
Work Permit
Canadian Social Insurance Number

If the number does not have nine digits, you may add zeroes at the end of the number. For example, for passport number 56565, you can enter 565650000. Please make a note of this 9 digit number (no dashes or spaces) since you will need to refer to this later in the process.

School of Graduation and Graduation Date

You will be asked to select the school at which you earned your DDS or DMD. You will also select the month and year of your graduation.

Your Email address

System requirements:

This application works with recent versions of popular browsers, including IE10, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
Some features do NOT work in older browsers.
Do NOT use a smart phone to complete this application.